Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My sister's dogs

This is my sister's dog, Buddy. Hard to believe he wasn't supposed to get over 35 pounds. Buddy's favorite activity is watching the Animal Planet, preferably Meerkat Manor or one of the dog shows--Westminster or Purina. He's a hoot. I can sit on the couch and pretend like I'm crying, and Buddy will howl at the top of his lungs. I don't know if it's because he doesn't like my whining or if he wants to show his support. He's part terrier, so he has a nipping fetish. His nose is crotch high, too. Those nips hurt. Not gonna lie.

Buddy has all kinds of health problems. It's sad. He has more veterinary specialists than a hypochondriac. He sees an allergy specialist and a neurologist (for his seizures). But he's precious. He should have been in commercials.

Their other dog, Dudley is a big lummox. But he's a precious lummox. He's this 90-pound chocolate lab who sighs when you won't give him a bite of whatever it is you're eating. He loves fruit, especially bananas and oranges. He loves to stretch out on their brown bomber leather sofa, playing chameleon games. If someone tries to get on the couch with him, he pushes on their legs with his back paws.

He does this trick called "Smiling dog" where he literally comes running up to you--yes, smiling--and he runs under your legs. He keeps going back and forth, under your legs, never tiring of the amusing game. He can be dragging from a long walk but if he hears, "Smiling dog", he's running for your legs. I'm short--5'2"--and he's tall for a dog. When he plays the game with me, he has to squat down. It's hilarious.

Animals sure make life interesting, don't they?

Here's to all the pets who make our lives more meaningful!

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