Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Thursday Three - A culinary treat

This has been a strange week. If I were Bill or Ted in an excellent adventure, I might even say that, "Strange things are afoot at the Circle K." Is it sad that I enjoyed that movie? I digress...

The dark clouds brewing in the Tulsa sky cast a pallor of portent on the day. Since I am traveling to Arkansas with my bestie tomorrow to visit my parental units,  I am praying for clear skies. Even though we need the rain. I simply want it to wait until I'm done driving. Just sayin'.

I have learned crazy things this week by listening, watching, reading, and praying. Sometimes by osmosis. But only when I'm in an alternate universe where things like that are the norm. Heh.

This week, some interesting culinary tidbits for you. My hubby-wubs was a chef at one point in his career, and I have learned a lot from him about cooking. Not that I do much. I'm a simple gal. A Pop-Tart and a glass of milk and I am good to go. But he uses every pot and pan in the house. Cooking is a production. So I watch. Mostly.

I read this week that beetles taste like apples - I'm not sure if they are more like a Granny Smith or a Red Delicious. I prefer a nice Gala.
This? Or...
Also, wasps - stinger and all - taste like pine nuts. I'm thinking I could save money on my pesto recipe since I have a wasp metropolis in my backyard. Might have a bit of a bite to it, though. Sorry. Had to do it.
Will Augment Special Pesto (W.A.S.P.)

Finally, worms offer the essence of fried bacon. Mmm... Scrambled eggs and worms. Gulp. These are the only kind of worms I'm willing to consider...

I offered to make a nice beetle, wasp, worm salad last night but hubby-wubs declined. What's that about?

Next time you are running low on grub, head out to the garden and rustle up some critters. Then let me know if you liked it.

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