Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day, Freedom, and Writing

I know, I know, I'm late, but I have an excuse. Honest. It's a good one, too.

I saw Rascal Flatts in concert Monday night. I know, I know. You=jealous! Can I just say that Gary LaVox is one of the most talented singers on the planet? The man doesn't need instruments to sound better. His voice is the instrument and it is fine-tuned.
The man can SING

The concert served as the finale in the Folds of Honor Foundation's Memorial Day celebration. Not only did I take part in honoring our troops and fallen heroes, but I cried and goosebumped my way through Rascal Flatts performing the National Anthem a capella.You know you wanna watch Of course, it's not quite the same as seeing it in person.

Maj. Dan Rooney, who founded Folds of Honor in 2007, said that Memorial Day is the most important holiday, because without it, we wouldn't be celebrating any others. So true. His words have scrolled like a news ticker across my mind, reminding me what it means to be American and free. Do I truly value freedom, or have I become complacent? Can I really understand how lucky I am to live here, how truffle-sweet my life is? I went to bed with a full tummy (after an evening at Stonewood with friends where we celebrated my birthday with talking, writing, coffee, and cheesecake!), crawled into clean sheets next to a hubby who sleeps with the assistance of a Bi-Pap machine, had a book on my lap, a cat at my feet (and two on the floor), and a bottle of water next to my reading lamp. My biggest worries: upcoming bills, taxes, and the rumbling thunder outside. Every day I rise and fall in peace.

Last night as I sat next to and across from my friends, I realized how I experience the feeling of freedom when I write. It's a feeling I love and never want to lose.


Charlotte Rains Dixon said...

Well, happy belated birthday, Heather! Sounds like you really enjoyed celebrating it. I totally agree with the idea that we don't appreciate what we have. I'm working with a client on a book about her trip to Africa and she says the people there have so little--but are so happy. It really turned her ideas about what she needs around. Gratitude is such an important practice, and for some reason a difficult one to remember. Thanks for helping me to recall it.

Heather said...

Thanks, Charlotte! I won't lie, my birthday was wonderful.

It's funny, isn't it, that people without lots of "stuff" seem to be the happiest? Is it because they focus on what really matters?
Maybe it's like our writing...all those wordy sentences and unnecessary scenes bog down our stories, clouding the point. If we could focus on keeping what matters, THEN our lives (and stories) would be less cluttered and more fulfilling.

Thanks for your insight and comment! :)