Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blogging and whatnot

I met my good friend Flea (who has an amazing blog you should check out here) for dinner at a Chinese food buffet. Neither one of us cares for buffets as a general rule of cleanliness and freshness; however, this place was good. They even had crab legs and peel and eat shrimp. Yumminess. I ate too much...which is pretty much the rule for buffet eating. After dinner and conversation, we worked on a fun little adjective/noun/verb game that is sheer goodness for writers and nerds [think Mad Libs but BETTER...ok, better for major nerds like me]. The "game" produces phrases like this:

smug hero crisp
impulsive touch avenge

Once we concoct these random phrases, we determine ways to make them work in our writing. For instance, I could incorporate the first phrase this way: The smug hero crisped his chances of receiving a medal.

The second phrase might work like this: The impulsive touch avenges the patient thought.

I could have hours of fun with this. The Dabber [nickname for my hubby] and I "play" this in restaurants while we are waiting for our food and have resorted to writing on napkins. Dabber figured since I like to write it might behoove me to purchase a purse-size spiral. I did. I won't lie, it was a good purchase.

I have decided to try something new with my blog. I have had this blog for a while now and haven't done much with it (as you can see). Writing is important to me, so blogging will be a good way for me to write about anything. And everything. I just need to purge my words. One thing I am going to do is include a daily posting of the three things I learned that day. I might include other things as well (weekly things), but the blog will be a work in progress. The only thing I can promise is that my blog will be a real and honest representation of my life.

Stick along for the ride. You just might learn something. I know I will.

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