Thursday, August 6, 2009

Three things I learned today

1. Flea and I were playing the adjective/noun/verb game and one of her phrases included velvet and cut together. I mentioned something about cutting velvet and she informed me that velvet is torn not cut. Unless the velvet is plaid or has a stripe, then it needs to be cut but a lot of material is wasted that way. Since I am not much of a seamstress...ok, I can barely sew on a button...this was new and interesting to me.

2. A Kraken is mythological water creature, or sea monster. I have not seen Clash of the Titans in a long time...but I had to include this photo of a Lego Kraken a father and son team put together. It is, well, it's just total greatness.

Click on the photo to see the Squid blog where this was originally posted. The blog is no longer active...

3. A dobro is a resonator guitar invented by John Dopyera and his brother. They took the "Do" from them last name and fused it to the "bro" in "brothers". Apparently the word also means "good" in Slovakian, so their catch-phrase became, "Dobro means good in any language." Gibson now owns the Dobro name. The guitairs are pieces of art. Here take a look:

You can read a lot more about it on Wikipedia. Fascinating instrument.

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